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Police operation - Martin Place

Mental health advice & supporting children

Many people will have found the events at Martin Place distressing or emotionally challenging.  People can react in a variety of ways to these experiences. Many people may experience sadness, sleep disturbance, fear or anxiety. It is important to understand that many competent, healthy, strong people will have similar feelings, or responses.  The response may be experienced immediately or sometimes much later. 

Having distressing thoughts and feelings after such events is normal and not a sign of personal weakness.  However, when these responses persist or significantly impact on your ability to return to your usual activities it may be necessary to seek additional supports.

NSW Health website - Mental health advice

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National Counter Terrorism Alert Level is at High

The Prime Minister has announced that the National Terrorism Public Alert Level has increased to HIGH, meaning that a terrorist attack is 'likely'. This assessment is based on an increased threat.

There is no specific threat and therefore there is no cause for panic or fear, however people are urged to remain vigilant in reporting suspicious behaviour to authorities so Australians and visitors to Australia can continue the right to enjoy normal everyday freedoms.

More information on www.secure.nsw.gov.au (NSW Government's Counter Terrorism website)

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Bush fire information

The NSW Rural Fire Service website has information on:

The NSW Rural Fire Service also has the following tools to help you prepare for bush fire and to keep you alert to fire in your area:

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Get ready for summer

Disasters happen - don't think if, think when

Disasters have a significant impact on the people of NSW, changing the lives of many families and causing millions of dollars in property and infrastructure damage. When disaster hits, NSW Government and emergency management agencies will try to help you but you need to get ready as well.

As we start this summer, make a point of finding out what to do before, during and after a disaster. Being prepared can save lives and help you and your family make better decisions when disaster strikes.

More information on Get ready for summer

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Changes to the 10/50 vegetation clearing

The 10/50 scheme was introduced on 1 August 2014 to allow people whose homes are situated on bush fire prone land to clear vegetation with a minimum amount of red tape. On 30 September 2014, a number of changes to the 10/50 scheme came into effect. These changes will improve the operation of the scheme. From that date, people living within 350 metres of Category 1 and within 150 metres of Category 2 Bush Fire Prone Land will able to clear trees within 10 metres of their home, and any vegetation except for trees within 50 metres of their homes, provided they comply with the NSW Rural Fire Service Code of Practice.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has updated its Guide for Bush Fire Prone Land Mapping to reflect the change in classification. The updated Guide can be downloaded from www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

The NSW RFS has announced the planned review of the 10/50 vegetation clearing rule will now commence on 1 October 2014. You are invited to make a submission to the review. Submissions can be emailed to 10.50@rfs.nsw.gov.au.

Further advice is available on the NSW Rural Fire Service website and Frequently Asked Questions on 10/50

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SES Home Emergency Plan - Flood, Storm or Tsunami

Households that plan for emergencies significantly reduce losses associated with disasters.

Planning now so that you know your risks and what to do if there is a flood, storm or tsunami, can save your life, the life of your family members and the lives of others including your pets. It can also minimise damage to your property and possessions.

NSW State Emergency Service - Home Emergency Plan

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